North Korea and the Future of IR


Our first event of 2018 is a talk and discussion about the ever pertinent question of how North Korea will effect the future of International Relations!

We have some really interesting speakers coming along for this event;

Cian O’Driscoll; a Senior Lecturer of the university. He teaches Politics 2B as well as “Just War in the 21st Century”.

Dr O’Driscoll was the Snell Exchange Fellow to Balliol College, Oxford for Trinity Term 2010, and was recently appointed a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy. He co-convenes the Glasgow Global Security Network, and is currently conducting research on the ethics of victory in war. On the day, Dr O’Driscoll’s speech will be involving the possibility of a Preventive War against North Korea and the impact it will have on International Relations.

Jane Duckett; the Edward Caird Chair of Politics, International Dean (East Asia), and Director of the Scottish Centre for China Research at the University of Glasgow. She is also Guest Professor at Nankai University (Tianjin, China). In 2012 she received the Lord Provost of Glasgow Education Award. From 2014-2017 she was President of the British Association for Chinese Studies. In 2016 she was elected a Fellow of the British Academy. Having attended university and practiced law in China. Her expertise ranges from Chinese state under market reform, Public attitudes to openness in East Asia and Eastern Europe, to Chinese public policy.

With China’s continuous rise in power, and its crucial geographic location to North Korea, we are delighted to have Professor Duckett to lecture us on the relationship between China and North Korea, and what does it mean to international diplomacy.

Timothy Peacock; a lecturer in History, with research interests spanning early modern and modern, military and political, American, British, and Global History. Particular subjects include Nuclear History, Minority and Coalition Governments, Space Security, and Spaceflight History.

His current primary focus is on the history of Transatlantic Cultures of Nuclear Weapons Testing. He is the author of a forthcoming monograph on The British Tradition of Minority Government (MUP, July 2018).

North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons is often the focus when discussing the current conflict. Dr Peacock’s focus on Thursday will be on Nuclear Diplomacy: What approach the rest of the world should be taking toward North Korea in order to convince them to stop developing and eventually eliminate their nuclear weapons.

This sure to be a thought-provoking evening so come along and hear what some experts have to say on the topic before voicing your own opinions and questions!